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We are Ambey Microns , leader in the field of Industrial Minerals in India, bringing the organized concept of Micronization and tapping various different Industrial Micronized and Sub-Micronized Minerals under its portfolio.

Over 7 years of experience in the field of Industrial Minerals, and having transformed itself over these years from the concept of Micronizing to Sub Micronizing eventually leading to Nano sizing, Ambey Microns has set enviable standards in terms of its range of product offerings and its basket of minerals from all different purities, colour and particle sizes for all different industries and attaining the best quality in the industry through our innovative and technologically advanced production processes, raw material know how, optimization & controls, marketing practises and distribution network.

With a devoted R&D and Product Application Centre, we are committed to continuously innovate and offer a variety of products catering to numerous applications and formulations enhancing the product performances and delivering high value added functional solutions to various industries.


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Ambey Microns is committed to responsible sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and minimizing our environmental footprint for a greener future.”

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Ambey Microns is your trusted partner for exceptional mineral products and services. Unparalleled expertise, customized solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality.

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