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Ambey Micron’s Quartz, where elegance meets resilience. Our Quartz products showcase a remarkable combination of beauty and strength, making them a top choice for various applications.

Derived from the finest sources, our Quartz is crafted with precision, ensuring its purity and brilliance. With its natural appeal and durability, our Quartz is ideal for a wide range of uses, from interior and exterior design to industrial applications.

Calcium carbonate, a versatile mineral, finds extensive use in various industries. At Ambey Microns, we understand the unique needs of each sector and provide tailored solutions to unlock the full potential of calcium carbonate in different applications. Additionally, our calcium carbonate products, available in precise particle sizes, serve as effective fillers and rheology modifiers in adhesives and sealants, imparting improved bonding strength and viscosity control.

We offer specialized grades that reinforce the materials, providing increased strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Our Product calcium carbonate acts as a filler and coating pigment, contributing to improved brightness, smoothness, and printability of papers and packaging materials.